Sydney Opera House

I’m glad to have Brian Duy Nguyen, our marketing intern, rebooting the quarantine capture series, our look at aerial imagery of famous places minus the crowds.

The quarantine capture series introduces one of the top destinations in Australia, Sydney Opera House. In 2007, it was recognized as UNESCO’s World Heritage after its long journey. Jørn Utzon was inspired in his designs by bird winds, clouds, shells, walnuts, and palm trees for the international design competition held in 1956. Then Queen Elizabeth II brought this project into life on 20th October 1973.

Sydney Opera House sits on Bennelong Point blending with nature. Walking along in the evening and enjoying multiple performances from the Concert Hall or Joan Sutherland Theatre made people feel their life become more poetic.

Reading our blog, opening those captures in full-sized view, and playing your favorite music give your soul a good treat.

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