GIC Responding to Western Fires

Historic wildfires continue to rage across California, Oregon and Washington, destroying thousands of homes and forcing tens of thousands to evacuate. Nationwide almost half of the large fires reported today have evacuation orders in place. GIC is activated to Level 1 РFull activation for this event.

Today we published imagery for our top 2 priorities of Alameda Drive and Obenchain Fires in Jackson County, Oregon. An attempt was made to collect over Holiday Farm and Lionshead/Santiam Fires in Oregon, but these areas were completely smoked in and for both safety of the crew as well as usability of the data, this attempt was abandoned, but is resuming today.

If you are a first responder or disaster response organization with need for access to this imagery, please reach out and we will get you setup promptly. email us at Above all else, please stay safe out there.