New Vexcel API Capabilities for Application Developers

coverage map

This past week we released four new services in the Vexcel API. I’ll provide a brief description of each here, but be sure to click through into our full documentation for all of the details

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
This service provides access to our DTM via a convenient tiled interface, very much like our Digital Surface Model (DSM) which was released earlier this year. Requests are made by passing in the X/Y/Z tile location, and the response is a single 256×256 geotiff.

Coverage API’s
When working with our imagery it is important to be able to query the catalog to find out what imagery and data products are available for a given location or even for an entire country. Our ImageLayerCoverage service has provided this capability for our discrete imagery (individual oblique and nadir images). This week we added three new services that work in the same manner, allowing you to query Orthomosaic, DSM, and DTM coverages.

The response for these API’s is JSON with metadata indicating attributes like the name, resolution and date range of each Area of Interest (AOI). the Geometry of each AOI in the coverage is also returned. In each case you can pass in a point or polygon in the optional WKT parameter to limit the response to just coverage over the specified location. If you omit this parameter, coverage will be returned for the entire layer allowing you to cache coverage for offline use.

Here are links to the documentation for each of these endpoints:

Ortho Coverage Service

DSM Coverage Service

DTM Coverage Service

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