Parliament House in THE BUSH CAPITAL

Last week we had a chance to take a close look at the Opera House in Sydney, where is thought to be the capital of Australia by most people. It is easy to understand because Sydney is well-known for its gorgeous harbour-front and sunlit skyscrapers. However, the Australian capital is Canberra combining the European “Cranberry” and the Indigenous “Nganbra”. Early 20th century, Canberra is given an entertaining nickname “The Bush Capital”. And when you visit Canberra, you cannot miss one of Australia’s iconic buildings is Parliament House, where you can skydive over it. 

By our capture, it shows the complex design with a total of 20 volumes, forming a pile about a meter high, which was built in only 7 years (1981-1988) and involved more than 10.000 people. After that, it became an enduring symbol of Australia’s democracy and there is a famous quote from the artist, who described the meaning of Parliament House:

it…stands for this place where all people come and meet together…These Dreamings are part of this country that we live in…We’ve been trying to explain what the land means to us for the sake of all Australians.”

Additionally, the art of mosaic at Parliament’s forecourt has complex layers of meaning based on Jagamara’s painting named Possum and Wallaby Dreaming. It illustrated the large group of human-being from the kangaroo, wallaby, and goanna ancestors. The gathering purposes are to talk and to enact ceremonial obligations. From my point of view, it stands for the voice of people to pass knowledge about their country, culture, and laws. 

Our quarantine capture identifies the visitor numbers decline significantly. Yet the Art in Parliament House and its meaningful message are giving us a warm welcome anytime. 

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