Introducing the Osprey 4.1 Camera system

Ultracam Osprey 4.1

The Vexcel Camera team in Graz did a fantastic webinar last week going into great detail on the latest generation of our oblique camera system. You can watch the replay below. The specs on the new Osprey are insane! The 4.1 can be flown at twice the speed of the previous generation Osprey (225 knots) while still capturing at 7.5 cm resolution, or slow it down to capture at 2.5cm. It can capture 1.1 gigapixels in .7 seconds across the nadir and oblique lenses. Grab a coffee and join Alexander and Bernhard in a tour of the hardware as well as the latest release of the Ultramap 5.0 software for creation of Orthomosaics, point clouds, and 3D models.

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