Image Gallery Sidebar in the feature spotlight


The Image gallery is a relatively new feature in our web application, providing a means of navigating our image library for a given location with folders and filters. After searching for a property, you can hit the ‘See all images at this location’ link in the infobox to bring it up. You can then browse all imagery we have at the location, filtering by year, image type, orientation and more.

The only downside is that if you click one of the thumbnails and go into full screen interactive mode, you have to repeat the entire process of filtering to then get to the next image you want to see.

Well, things just got a lot more convenient in the Vexcel Web App! The new Image Gallery Sidebar stays docked in the left rail enabling you to quickly filter, view and repeat without losing context. It is the third tool down on the toolbar as highlighted here:

All of the same filters from the full screen interface are present. Choose your year, filter by image type or orientation, then click away on the preview thumbnails. As you click, each image will take over the interactive map window. You can navigate around in the interactive window, change orientation, etc… and then simply click the next thumbnail you want to interact with. this is the smoothest way to explore our image library to date, although I still love using the history tool on occasion.

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